St. Stephen’s Seeks Assistant Rector

St. Stephen’s Church, Edina is a dynamic, involved, faithful, engaging, challenging, and fun faith community in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.  We are blessed with active ministries with families, youth, and seniors.  We believe that Jesus shows us how to be faithful and human, how to love God and love others, and how to pattern our lives with purpose and meaning, living not just for ourselves alone.  We believe that Jesus is the manifestation of God in this world and in our lives, and we seek to pattern ourselves after his way of love and engagement, sharing in the lives of others in times of joy, in times of sorrow, in times of need.

To that end, St. Stephen’s Church is looking to welcome a priest to serve as a full-time Assistant Rector in faith our community. A priest who will guide us in our walk of faith, who will bring the special gifts of compassion, enthusiasm for church life, a sound, growing, and ever-seeking theology, and the gifts and skills to work with people all along their journeys of life and faith. We look for a priest to work in collaboration with our rector and with our ministry staff to build a solid church that welcomes everyone seeking or deepening a relationship with God.

Role Description

  • Stephen’s Church is seeking a priest to serve as Assistant Rector, who will take their part in the overall life and worship of this faith community with the guidance and direction of the rector.
  • The priest will have an active and regular role in our parish community through preaching, teaching, pastoral care, liturgical planning, and parish governance.
  • The priest will be present for Sunday and Wednesday evening community gatherings of fellowship and worship and will be engaged in the development and teaching of the overall formation of faith with St. Stephen’s Church.
  • The priest will share with the rector in the sacramental services of Baptism and Marriage, and the pastoral ministries of Burial, Healing, and Visitation with the sick and suffering of our community.
  • Strong consideration will be given a priest with demonstrated skills and interest in the development of faith and life with young adults in the church and surrounding community.
  • The priest will take a leading role in providing nurture, training, and guidance to our large community of Vergers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Acolytes.
  • The priest will be responsible for organizing and administering the church’s work in training for the prevention of sexual abuse and other components of Safe Church policy and practice.
  • The priest will be a part of the broader community, encouraged to take part in ministries of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and the local civic community.

Compensation will be competitive and in accordance with guidelines established by the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.  Included is full family health care coverage, pension, continuing education and expense allowances.

Perhaps your ministry is with St. Stephen’s Church? If so, apply by sending your cover letter, resumé, and OTM profile by September 5, 2018 to Mr. Deen Hubin, Administrator, St. Stephen’s Church.  Electronic submissions accepted at