Bash After Dark

Amazing things can happen when we put our hearts into it.

The Bash After Dark is a fundraiser benefiting St. Stephen’s Outreach Ministry which will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018 beginning at 6:30 PM. This event is an annual favorite which raises tens of thousands of dollars that go directly to the Outreach Ministries and Grants of our parish. 100% of the funds raised go to these efforts and they are the primary source of outreach funding. The event features amazing food, even better company, and incredible one-of-a-kind auction items.


Event Tickets: $50.00 or $20.00 for Seniors      Purchase tickets online
icket includes all food and beverages but entrance into a really fun night!


Get ready to bid! We have a lot of great auction items and you can check them out on our online site. If you are unable to attend the Bash, check out the auction items and get a friend to bid for you!


We have opportunities the day before, the day of and during the event. Check out all of the volunteer options here.


Every dollar that’s raised from the Bash goes to Outreach. That means that every dollar we DON’T have to spend to put on the event is a good thing! You can help offset some of our expenses simply by donating directly for this purpose. This is a great way to support the cause if you are unable to attend the event. We will gladly (and gratefully!) accept your donations via check through the mail or church office. Simply mail or drop off your check with a notation of Bash Cash Contribution included on your check. 


How dressy is the Bash? The Bash has a festive atmosphere but it’s not black tie. Some folks will be in jeans and others will be more dressed up. Wear what makes you comfortable.

Will there be anything there  I can afford? Yes! We have a wide range of price points available. You can spend $5 for a meat raffle ticket or thousands of dollars on a one-of-a-kind item. There’s value to our Outreach Ministries in ALL contributions including your ticket purchase. Many folks come just for the fellowship. How much you spend it up to you!

How do I bid in the silent auction? Items will be displayed in the Gathering Space and will have bid sheets listing details, value and starting bid. You will be assigned a Bid Number at check-in which you will use to bid on any item(s) you wish. Each item goes to the highest bidder at closing time.

How do I bid at the Live Auction? The Live Auction portion of the evening will take place in the Commons Room. Don’t feel intimidated, this isn’t Sotheby’s! Our MC will guide the way and will lead bidding orally. If you are interested in bidding on an item, raise your hand and the MCs will gesture to you. Items will go to the highest bidder.

Will I know the items up for auction before the event? Yes! We will publish a listing of auction items prior to the event. Watch your email or check out a listing at church.

May I bid on auction items if I can’t attend the Bash? Sure! Review the listing of auction items, find a friend who is attending the event, let them know how high you are willing to bid and have them bid on your behalf. Your proxy will need to pay for the items at the time of the event.

Can I bid with other people for an auction item? Yes! We frequently have a group of people band together and bid on an auction item as a group.

How does the Heads & Tails Bead Game work? Purchase beads for $10 a strand. We’ll kick-off the Live Auction portion of the event with everyone who purchased beads standing up. Participants select either “heads” or “tails” by putting their hands on their heads—or their tails! The MC will flip a coin and announce heads or tails. Those whose choice matches the coin flip keep all their beads. Those whose didn’t match, remove a bead strand or sit if they had only 1 bead strand remaining. We will repeat this process until there is one lucky winner left standing! The more beads you buy, the better your chances to win this year’s prize – a $500 gift card to Galleria!

How does a Meat Raffle work? Purchase tickets for the Meat Raffle for $5 each. Fill your name out on each ticket and drop it in the Meat Raffle Buckets. During the Live Auction portion of the evening we will draw names and, if your name is called, you’ll be awarded a Meat Raffle item.

What type of food and drinks will be available? We will be serving a buffet of heavy hors d’oeurves that will have a little something for everyone. We will also have some vegetarian and gluten-sensitive options available. We will have wine, beer, sparking and still water available. Coffee will be available during the Live Auction along with desserts. All food and beverages are includes in the cost of your ticket.