Commons Room Renovation

Restore, Renew, Rejoice! We’ve used this message over the past two years to communicate the many updates, big and small, which have taken place in our parish home.  Renewal is in the air and we are excited to share that even bigger changes and updates are in the works!

Our Commons Room and kitchen play a central role in the life of our parish. This multi-purpose room is used for community building, formation, celebration, and remembrance. We’ve begun the restoration of this space with the update of the fireplace and the replacement of the windows, adjoining patio and doors but there is much more to be done to enable this critical space to continue to support our community for generations to come.

Commons Room Renovation Plans

On May 5th we shared the plans for updating and enhancing the Commons Room and kitchen.   In case you missed the intro on May 5, check out some of the details below!

Commons Table Images (2)

Contributing to the Commons Room Renovation

We’ve been blessed with several leadership gifts which enabled us to move this effort forward. Every member of St. Stephen now has the opportunity to contribute to this effort and join in the transformation of the Commons Room! Giving is easy and gifts of any amount are welcomed and greatly appreciated. View giving options on the Commons Room Giving page.

Events & Activities

Planning is underway for a variety of activities that will enable everyone to participate in and celebrate the renewal of the Commons Room. Look for information soon!

Project Updates

Bookmark this page – we will be sharing photos and updates regularly throughout the project.