Dust Bunnies in the Basket: Finding God in Lent and Easter

Readings, learnings, and maybe a few laughs on Sunday mornings in Lent.

Join us for Sunday morning Adult Forum discussions this Lent on the book Dust Bunnies in the Basket, by Tim Schenck. Familiar with Lent Madness? Then you know something of the work and sense of humor of Tim Schenck. Tim is an Episcopal priest, author, creator of Lent Madness, and likely an all-around pretty good guy. His sense of humor is a part of his expression of faith in God. Imagine that!


Get the book. Father Tom will have 20 copies for the first 20 households to let him know they will participate. You can also buy the book here for $10.00.

Read the book. Sections are short, humorous, and insightful. Read at your own pace, and be ready for discussions on Sundays.

Bring the book. Our Sunday morning discussions will include….

Sunday, March 4          Lent
Sunday, March 11       Lent Deux
Sunday, March 18       Holy Week
Sunday, March 25       Easter

Hey, it’s okay to laugh in Lent. Really!