Faith, Death & Dying Forum Series

March 24 & 31, 2019 | 10:15-11:05 AM | Commons Room

Death and dying isn’t an easy subject to think or talk about but it will, one day face us all. Join us for a two-part series of conversations that will enable you to learn more about the Christian approach to dying as well as provide ample time for audience members to ask the questions that are on their minds.

Parishioners Janny Gothro will lead these two forums through conversations with our clergy and lay leaders.

Part 1: March 24 – The Christian Approach to Death & Dying
We’ll answer general questions like, when do I call the Priest?  Can I plan ahead for my funeral?  Is there help for me in making End of Life Decisions?  As well as questions related to specific options with St. Stephen’s such as, what is the St. Francis Memorial Garden?

Part 2: March 31 – Theology & Issues Surrounding Death & Dying
We will continue our conversations as we focus on the theology and issues surrounding dying. We’ll discuss understandings of the Episcopal Church, Death with Dignity, and companionship along the way toward death.

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