Legacy Giving

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Read this story

Bridge Builders are special people in our church community who have chosen to leave a legacy gift to the parish through giving to the St. Stephen’s Endowment Fund or by including St. Stephen’s in their estate plans. When you give a legacy gift, you deepen your relationship with the parish and leave behind something precious that will benefit tomorrow’s members. You build a bridge from the past to the future.

The funds provided by our Bridge Builders become a part of the St. Stephen’s Endowment Fund. The Fund helps ensure the long term financial health of the parish and supports annual operating expenses.

Learn more about becoming a Bridge Builders and the St. Stephen’s Fund by downloading a brochure here.


There are several ways you can make a legacy gift –

  • Giving to the St. Stephen’s Endowment Fund through your estate plan.
  • Giving to the St. Stephen’s Endowment Fund through an unrestricted gift.
  • Giving to the Endowment’s Sustaining Fund by underwriting specific ministries in the parish or support ongoing church operations.

Once you have decided to make the commitment to support St. Stephen’s with a legacy gift, print a Bridge Builder Statement of Intent and return it to Rev. Tom Cook or Nancy Wood via the church office.