Sustained Giving (Stewardship)

Many members, one body.

Nothing that happens at St. Stephen’s happens without our members generously sharing their time, talent and financial support. There would be no worship, no music, no programs for children or youth, no outreach or adult formation without all of us. Each of us is an integral part of this community of faith and together, we have an abundance of opportunities before us. We invite you to imagine the exciting possibilities of what our church can be!


Annual Giving of a yearly financial pledge is the primary method of funding St. Stephen’s ministries and operations. Making an annual commitment enables our parish to plan for the coming year based on a predictable financial base. Each fall we hold a pledge drive which culminates on Covenant Sunday, the last Sunday in October, when we gather as one body to worship and celebrate as we pledge our financial commitment for the coming year.

If you are a new member pledging outside of the fall drive, know that your support is welcome at any time. All of the information below on prayerful pledging and the methods of giving are valid all year round. 

Pledging Process

Pray. Begin in prayer by asking God to guide you.

Consider proportional giving. Proportional giving is offering to God a portion of what God has given us.  A traditional guideline for tithing is 10 percent of one’s income, given in gratitude for God’s blessings and to further God’s work in the world. Giving a percentage of our income— increasing each year toward or beyond the tithe — is a way of deepening our awareness of the abundance of God’s love.

Decide how you want to make your pledge. We have several options for making your pledge –

CONTACT: Nancy Wood in the church office.