Children’s & Family Ministry Mission Vision and Values


St Stephens Kids’ mission is to empower young children and their families to know and follow the way of Jesus in their daily lives.


St. Stephens Church is an inter-generational learning community helping kids explore and experience belonging, service with others, and Jesus’ way of love, in order to grow in faith and bring these gifts to the world in the power of God’s Spirit.


Embracing scripture, tradition and reason

Episcopalians are deeply rooted in a lived engagement with the Bible. We seek to be faithful to its core message, and to the living God at the heart of it, as interpreted by countless Christians across time and space (“tradition”) and our own hearts, minds, experiences and understanding (“reason”). We seek to foster a culture in which everyone—adults and children—is learning, changing, and growing together.

Openness, curiosity and respect across many lines of difference

All are welcome here. Because we are diverse people made in the image of a communal God, we intentionally open ourselves to those who have different experiences—including those of different races, sexual or gender orientations, national backgrounds, religions, abilities, socioeconomic status, and ages – seeking and serving Christ in one another.


We believe that Christian faith is best expressed by the word reconciliation – a lifelong pilgrimage of healing, forgiveness, and restoration between people and God and between people who have become estranged from one another. We seek to model reconciliation with our children and in all our community.


We want children to be visible, known, and accepted for their authentic selves as full members of St. Stephens Church. Authenticity involves loving honesty; appropriate vulnerability; and ongoing integrity to one’s gifts and calling in the world. 


Children learn through playing, experimenting, imagining, creating, and acting “as if.” Adults can too.  Part of what it means to be made in the image of a creative God is that we get to learn by trying new things, enjoying ourselves, and delighting in the whole process.