Let Your Light Shine

Nominations Deadline: Friday, November 15, 2019

Do you feel called to leadership at St. Stephen’s? Do you know someone who would make a great leader in our parish? Now is the time to let the light shine!

We are calling for nominations to leadership roles to begin service in 2020 as we continue to support vibrant life and growth at St. Stephen’s. We ask each of you to prayerfully consider volunteering yourself, or recommending others. Our goal is to fill these positions with qualified parishioners while achieving a balance of life stage, skill sets and passions.

So, how should you respond to this request?

LEARN. Learn about the roles available. Read full descriptions of each committee further down on this page. We are filling positions on each of the following committees –

PRAY. Is God calling you to leadership? Who is God leading you to nominate? There may be several people you believe are good candidates for these positions. Ask God to guide you in your own discernment and in talking to others about a call to leadership at St. Stephen’s. All nominees should be active and pledging members of the church. If you are submitting someone else’s name, please ensure the person is aware of your recommendation prior to submitting it.

ACT. Complete the online nomination form or email nominations@ststephens.com specifying who you are recommending, for which committee, and a brief rationale for your nomination. Our Nominating Committee will meet on Mon., Nov 4 at 7:00 PM and Mon., Nov 25 at 7:00 PM to review and finalize a slate of candidates.

VESTRY          Openings: 3 regular, 1 returning member, and 1 youth

The Vestry oversees the well being of the church.  Responsibilities:

1) Prepare for and attend monthly evening meetings
2) Think clearly and corporately about the business of “running the church” and about its spiritual health
3) Engage in the life of the parish through regular church attendance and participation in other ministries of the church

Valuable Experience/Skills: Love of God and our church, organizational development, strategic planning, non-profit or corporate governance, small business management, volunteer recruitment/retention, spiritual practices
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings, periodic retreats, and other projects or committee work. The total time commitment is 8-10 hours per month.
Questions: Rick Massopust, Sr. Warden, rhmassopust@gmail.com

FINANCE COMMITTEE          Openings: 3

The Finance Committee oversees our budget and finances.  Responsibilities:

1) Review monthly financial statements
2) Assist in preparing the annual budget and three-year forecast
3) Review accounting practices, capital project budgets, financing plans and insurance coverage

Valuable Experience/Skills: Finance, accounting, budgeting
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings, plus 2-3 hours per month on ad-hoc meetings, special projects, and meetings with staff members
Questions: Chas McKhanntreasurer@ststephens.com

ST. STEPHEN’S FUND COMMITTEE          Openings: up to 4

The St. Stephen’s Fund Committee oversees the church’s endowment.  Responsibilities:

1) Ensure funds are disbursed according to donors’ directions
2) Monitor fund performance
3) Encourage gifts to increase long-term assets, and honor donors through Bridge Builders’ activities

Valuable Experience/Skills: Fundraising, planned giving, communications, event planning
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings plus occasional project work
Questions: Lisa Korslund, gklisa@me.com

STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE          Openings: up to 4

The Stewardship Committee runs the annual pledge campaign.  Responsibilities:

1) Plan annual pledge campaign based on best practices, previous year pledge analysis
2) Develop theme and materials
3) Acknowledge and thank donors

Valuable Experience/Skills: Fundraising, event planning, database management, project management
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings, plus an additional 2-3 hours per month, especially from mid-August through February
Questions: Liska Johnson, djohnsonfamily@gmail.com

OUTREACH COMMITTEE          Openings: up to 4

The Outreach/Mission Committee helps the people of St. Stephen’s serve the community beyond our walls.  Responsibilities:

1) Identify ministries to support financially
2) Facilitate and publicize opportunities for service
3) Think strategically about Outreach’s role at St. Stephen’s
4) Support Outreach fundraising efforts

Valuable Experience/Skills: Community service, volunteer recruitment/retention, event planning, strategic planning, fundraising
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings plus an additional 10-20 hours per year on specific initiatives
Questions: Leslie Gibson, appetips@gmail.com