Enhance Worship

Consult the lectionary calendar to find this week’s readings.

Worship is at the heart of all we do at St. Stephen’s. Sunday mornings, as well as many other times of the year, we are a worshiping community that comes together to offer our praise and prayers to God. There are many ways for you to get involved in Worship Ministry. From the time visitors walk in the door until the end of each service, teams of parishioner volunteers are ensuring the experience is a smooth and meaningful one for everyone.


USHERS                   CONTACT: Len Slade
Our Ushers (aka the folks in the red scarves) do more than just hand out service bulletins and seat people. Their role is to help first time guests, repeat visitors, and members experience the sacredness and joy of a worship service.

Do you have an hour or so to spare each month to help make worship at St. Stephen’s a joy? Ushers serve in teams on a rotating basis so there are still plenty of opportunities to worship with family and friends in the pews. We’d love to have you join our team!

NEWCOMER MINISTRY                    CONTACT: Claire Dempsey
Our Newcomer Ministry is about connections – making them and enriching them. As our parish welcomes guest and visitors, this team works hand-in-hand with ushers on Sunday mornings. After the service, the team continues their active role by connecting guests and visitors to refreshments, programs and, generally, ensuring they have all the information they need. This includes playing an active role in our monthly Start Here! Visitor Sessions in partnership with our clergy.

In addition the team periodically plans and hosts newcomer gatherings to provide opportunities for folks considering full membership with our parish to connect event more deeply.  If you are enthusiastic about life at St. Stephen’s, come and join us to share the that joy with others.


ALTAR GUILD                    CONTACT: Jane Slade
The work of our Altar Guild, which began nearly 75 years ago, is quiet and behind the scenes. You may not always see it in action. But, you’d notice a change in your worship experience if this dedicated group of volunteers didn’t adorn our altar and ensure preparations are made for Holy Communion at every service we hold. Do your talents include a love of details? In just a few hours a month, you can help this amazing team!

ACOLYTES                    CONTACT: Acolyte Email
St. Stephen’s is an inter-generational community. Acolytes are a great example of how we live out this vision through including youth as active participants in worship. They serve at Sunday morning and special worship services by leading processions, carrying the gospel book and by serving at the Altar. Acolytes are drawn from youth in grades 3-12 and scheduling sign-up is flexible to support a variety of family schedules. Fun social events are planned through the year, including taking part in the Diocesan Acolyte Festival at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Minneapolis.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) are parishioners licensed by the bishop to play a critical role by assisting clergy in serving bread and wine during Holy Communion. At times, the team will also take on the roles of acolyte or reader of lessons during worship services. With flexible scheduling, this ministry is a great way serve in the heart of our worship in just a hour or so a month.

LECTORS                    CONTACT: Fei McKhann

Lectors read scripture during worship in the ancient tradition in the Christian faith. The public proclamation of God’s Word is a great privilege as well as an important responsibility. Lectors at St. Stephen’s are supported with training and orientation. Anyone ever tell comment on your awesome reading voice? Share your talent in a ministry that offers flexible scheduling.

VERGERS                    CONTACT: Fei McKhann

Vergers are the ‘masters of ceremony’ of the church. They lead processions and manage the myriad of details that bring meaning and impact to our liturgy.  Vergers are supported with special training and work hand-in-hand with clergy on all aspects of the service. If you have attention to detail and love to lead, this is a great ministry for you!