Forum Series Explores Our Shared Faith

Sunday, February 10, 17 & 24 from 10:15-11:05 AM in the Commons Room

We all have a role to play in the faith formation of those around us. This is particularly true with the opportunity we have to impact the faith of the children and youth in our lives. Obviously, parents have the strongest role to play but a child’s extended family – the family of God – has a vital role in nurturing faith.

So, how can we model and practice faith in our role as parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, godparent, neighbor, volunteer or the friendly face sharing a pew on Sunday? Join us on a three-week journey as Ministers of Children and Youth, Missy Greene and Matt Lewellyn-Otten, and The Rev. Anna Ostenso Moore, lead us in an exploration of Our Shared Faith.

February 10: Modeling Faith

with Missy Greene and Matt Lewellyn-Otten

Who are the faithful people who have influenced your faith? Formal vs. informal faith formation – what’s the difference? These are a few of the question we will discuss in week 1. Missy and Matt will lead us in group discussion, exercises, and personal reflection as we explore the large and small, formal and informal ways we can express and live out our faith as individuals and with the children in our lives.

February 17: Faith & Baptism

with The Rev. Anna Ostenso Moore

When we witness the baptism of a child, whether as a parent, godparent or member of the congregation present, we remember God’s promises and renew our commitment to caring for all of God’s children. Rev. Anna will join us for the second part of our series exploring Our Shared Faith to lead us through discussion on what baptism means to us as adults who are following in the way of Jesus. Through a mix of personal storytelling, including the origins of the idea and text of her book Today is a Baptism Day, and references from the Book of Common Prayer, we will take a closer look at the relevance of this Sacrament on our daily faith life.

February 24: Faith in Practice

with Missy Greene and Matt Lewellyn-Otten

After exploring the importance of modeling faith and our baptismal covenant, it’s time to dig into practice. Missy and Matt will share simple practices for individuals and families that may easily be incorporated into daily life. Come and set some intentions for new habits you can introduce into your life,  and your interactions with the children around you, as we move as a community into the season of Lent.