Put Your Own Air Mask On First

A Survival Guide for Parenting and Faith


Social Justice and Faith – Sunday, April 15, 2018 10:15 -11:00 AM
My family can’t even keep the house clean, so how do I teach my kid to care about the homeless in Minnesota, racism, or hungry people in Africa?


Reclaiming, Revitalizing (or heck, maybe just) Remembering Your Own Faith
So, now I have kids and want them to have a Christian education, but… I feel ambivalent or ignorant about it myself.  How do I give my kids what I’m not sure I have for myself?

Dinner, the Holidays, and other Challenges
How does our family build meaningful and authentic faith traditions at home?

Learning Together
How to be OK learning alongside your children instead of having all the answers. How can you cultivate curiosity and interest as a parent?

Family Conversations
How to Have Family Conversations that connect faith with events at Grandma’s house, bullies at school, and the fact that your kids are driving each other crazy!