The NOOMA Community

CONTACT: Rev. Tom Cook

How do we follow Jesus if we don’t much know him?  How do we get to know him?  And when we know him, how can we best follow?  Try NOOMA!  NOOMA is a thought-provoking community of faith exploration for people who want to know Jesus more and who want their faith to matter to life.  Through a series of 20 insightful messages from noted author and speaker Rob Bell, our NOOMA community will be invited to think in contemporary and challenging ways about who Jesus is and who he asks us to be.  We’ll hit on some of life’s bigger questions, and we’ll explore the nooks and crannies that arise in our own spiritual experience.

Each week’s session is an independent unit – you don’t need to attend every week to participate! 

NOOMA will be facilitated by the Rev. Tom Cook with contributions from the Rev. Lisa Wiens Heinsohn and others. No homework or preparation needed!  Sure to be lively, social, provocative, and, well, fun!  Life changing?  Could be.  Come and grow with your church family.  Come and learn about Christian faith.  Come and see!

Our sessions continue in 2018 on the following dates –

January 3: Lump
January 10: Rhythm
January 17: Matthew
January 24: Rich
February 7: Breathe
February 21: You
March 7: Store
March 14: Today
April 4: Name
April 11: Open
May 2: Shells