You can reach members of the staff at the church office by email (click envelop icon) or by calling (952) 920-0595 and entering their extension as listed below.

Rev. Amelia ArthurAssistant
Rev. Tom CookRectortcook@ststephens.com102
Clark DuhrkopfDirector of Music Ministriescduhrkopf@ststephens.com104
Missy GreeneMinister of Childrenmgreene@ststephens.com105
Deen HubinParish Administratordhubin@ststephens.com100
Matt Lewellyn-OttenMinister of Youthmlotten@ststephens.com103
Molly ReichardMinister of Community Engagementmreichard@ststephens.com106
Bryon WilsonAssociate Director of Music Ministries (part-time)bwilson@ststephens.com114
Nancy WoodFinancial Manager (part-time)nwood@ststephens.com101