Lay Leadership (Vestry)

The Vestry is the lay (non-staff) governing body of the parish. Working closing with clergy and staff, we take an active role in caring for parish finances and buildings; and developing strategy and vision for St. Stephen’s. We draw members from across the parish, representing different ages and interests.


The Vestry consists of lay members of the church and is lead by the Senior Warden. In addition, the Vestry officers include the Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Clerk. All Vestry members, including the officers, are elected by the congregation at the annual parish meeting each January.

The 2019 Vestry

Rick Massopust, Senior Warden
Cathy Cella, Junior Warden
Chas McKhann, Treasurer
Linda Bracken, Clerk

At-Large Vestry Members

  • Tom Beringer
  • Connie Brekken
  • Geoff Gothro
  • Julia Gutz Moller
  • Avanel Jarka
  • Avie Jarka
  • Jim Korslund
  • Karol Saunders
  • Keith Skerrett
  • Karen Smith
  • David Sudduth
  • Mary Sue Vorbrich
Read the St. Stephen’s Vestry Covenant here.