Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Drawing equally on Scripture, Tradition, and Reason as the basis of our theology, the Episcopal Church is one of the most welcoming and affirming of all Christian denominations. We are delighted that our members hail from all faith backgrounds and walks of life and bring with them a diverse range of theological ideas, finding common ground in the community of the Episcopal Church.

The core beliefs of Episcopalians are simple and shared across all Christian denominations: We believe in God, in Jesus Christ the Son of God, and in the Holy Spirit.

The characteristics that make the Episcopal Church unique are not found in rigid shared positions or specific theological regulations, but rather our belief that each person is traveling their own faith journey and only they can arrive at the conclusions that dictate their ideas and practices. In this spirit, our organization is run by both laypeople and clergy, rather than an elite council or ruler. The Episcopal Church is truly a church of the people.

Visitors to an Episcopal service will notice similarities in prayers, hymns, and structure to other protestant denominations, such as Lutheran or Methodist services, as well as the Catholic mass. For this reason, many people find something “familiar” in the Episcopal service, even if it is their first time attending one of our churches.

You are welcome here!