The Literature of the Bible is our Compass for Life

A literature teacher by training and profession, Joyce Denham has pursued her special love of Biblical Literature through years of lecturing at churches, retreats, homes, and online. Hear her on Sundays in our new Adult Forum class, Compass. Unfolding the Bible’s stories, histories, poetry, law volumes, and more, Joyce draws listeners into an unexpected and astonishing world of human and Divine drama. Come to Compass for yummy herbal teas, strong coffee, and ever-deepening friendships as together we encounter the Literature of the Bible as our compass for life. All are welcome!

Compass is a part of our Adult Forum programs. We meet on Sundays at 9:00 AM in the Commons Room.


Beginning  Sunday, April 24th

After his resurrection, Jesus begins a 40-day journey. It is not, however, anything like the 40 days he spent in the wilderness after his baptism, being tormented by the tempter. This new period of 40 days is all about life and freedom—and it truly is a journey. But where is he going? And why? What does it all mean, both for Jesus and his disciples? And what does it mean for us?

Come and find out. All are welcome!

This series will take place on Sunday, April 24, Sunday, May 8th, and Sunday, May 15th.


When she’s not teaching, Joyce Denham is writing and touring. She is the author of many internationally-published books for children and adults on Christian faith, Celtic prayer, and the lives of the saints. She loves leading spiritual retreats, both here and at historic monastic sites in the UK. After spending two years in the woods of northwestern Wisconsin, she and her husband, Pete Lundstrom (whose favorite occupation is drinking coffee and talking history and theology), recently moved to Bloomington and are delighted to join the church family of St. Stephen’s.