Alafia Foundation

Alafia Foundation champions purpose-filled leaders transforming life in north Minneapolis.

They do this through

  • Investing in the ideas, enterprise, and inspiration of visionary nonprofit, small business, and social entrepreneurial leader
  • 2-year fellowships that provide coaching, scholarships and expanded networks of support for Northside leaders as they develop themselves and their organizations for maximum impact
  • Promoting the power of living a purposeful life

The Alafia Fellowship Program provides comprehensive leadership development for leaders of nonprofit, small business, and social entrepreneurship who are transforming life in north Minneapolis. The fellowship program provides each fellow with a modest monthly living stipend, a pro bono executive life coach, educational scholarships, leadership development workshops, and monthly huddles with other fellows. In addition, they receive sponsorship from local faith communities and/or service clubs providing expanded networks of support, increased visibility for their work and more.

St. Stephen’s is a proud partner of Alafia’s and we support the organization through grants, the leadership of dedicated parishioners who sit on their board, and through volunteers just like you!


Alafia recently announced their 2019 Fellows and there are several ways that you can support these seven visionary leaders.

Mentors in all aspects of running a small business, such as marketing, communications, finance, fundraising, technology, human resources, etc., are critical. Do you have a professional skill and some hours to give to share your experience?

If you are interested in ANY of the opportunities listed below, please contact parishioner, Karol Saunders at or Executive Director, Brian Mogren at

Alafia Northside Purpose Summit Event Committee
Commitment: 3-5 hours/month through October 2019
Responsibilities: Logistics, food and beverage, volunteer coordination, and corporate sponsorship

Project Management
Commitment: 6 hours
Responsibilities: 3 hours of advice choosing software or tool; 3 hours of assistance setting up

Donor Management
Commitment: 8 hours
Responsibilities: Helping with donor management database set-up

Human Resources
Commitment: As needed over the next 18 months
Responsibilities: Consult with fellows on questions and issues related to human resourcing.

Grant Writing
Commitment: 2 hours/month
Responsibilities: Review and advise on grant writing and submission

Strategic Planning
Commitment: 2-3 hours/month for 6 months
Responsibilities: Participate in strategic planning efforts; potentially lead a retreat on topic (5 additional hours)

Commitment: 2-3 hours/month
Responsibilities: Review and edit newsletters, annual report, website and blog

Committee Member
Commitment: 2-3 hours/month
Responsibilities: Help source sponsors for fellows

Office Support
Commitment: 2-3 hours/month
Responsibilities: Various office and administrative tasks as needed